Celebrating a year with "A Year With Symfony"

Posted on by Matthias Noback

Almost a year ago, on September 4th, in front of a live audience, I published my first book "A Year With Symfony". Since the first release, well over a 1000 people have read it. In February of this year, I added a new chapter to the book (about annotations).

A third edition?

Flipping through the pages and thinking about how I could best celebrate 1 year and 1000+ readers, I had the following ideas:

  1. I think it's time to rewrite the "Project structure" chapter.
  2. I think it would be nice to expand the book with yet another bonus chapter.


The book itself has proven to be quite popular, though I don't often get feedback about its contents. I would like to know what you really think of it, and I'd like some more (public) reviews.



I want all the above things and I want to celebrate the book's anniversary. So this is what I've come up with.

You can win the following prizes:

  • Two of you get free printed copies of "A Year With Symfony" for your entire team (up to 5 copies).
  • Four of you get free digital copies of "A Year With Symfony" for your entire team (up to 10 copies).
  • Two of you get limited edition notebooks (see the image on the right) for your entire team (up to 5 copies).

You only need to fill in the form below in order to apply for the raffle. The winners will be announced near the end of September.

Book PHP Symfony2 A Year With Symfony prizes
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