Interview with Leanpub: A Year With Symfony

Posted on by Matthias Noback

Last year in September Len Epp from interviewed me about my book A Year With Symfony. They have fully transcribed the interview as well as published the recording of the interview.

This is the first time somebody interviewed me about my career and my book writing. I remember back then it made me quite nervous. But I must say that talking with Len was a very good way to shed some light on my own thought process and my personal goals. For instance, who did I have in mind as the reader of my book?

> I sometimes thought of a new colleague or a fellow developer who would become a member of my team. I would explain to him some things and then another developer and I wouldn’t want to tell him everything in person again. So I would like him to read the book.

Basically this is why the writing process went so fast: I had many things in mind that new Symfony2 developers would need to know, before we could successfully work together on a Symfony2 project. I was very eager to write it all down.

Cover So if you start working with Symfony2, or have been working with it for a couple of months - take a look at my book and I bet there will be many things in it that will make your project better right away.

A million lessons

Leanpub itself is publishing a book called A million lessons which contains interviews with Leanpub authors telling about their experiences with self-publishing. My interview will be part of it too. The book is free, you can read it online.

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