Matthias Noback My name is Matthias Noback, I live in Zeist, near Utrecht, in the Netherlands with my girlfriend, son and daughter.

I am a professional PHP developer, skilled in most of the tried and proven web development languages, i.e. the big ones: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Amongst my favorite topics are clean code, unit testing, dependency injection and design principles & patterns.

I have my own web development, training and consultancy company Noback's Office. In the past I have worked at software developer at Driebit (Amsterdam) and IPPZ (Utrecht), and as CTO at Ibuildings.

Since 2011 I've been regularly writing on this blog about advanced PHP and Symfony-related topics. I've also published at the Ibuildings blog.

You can reach me via my Twitter account @matthiasnoback or by sending an email to