Advanced workshops & training

Example topics

Layers, Ports & adapters

Hexagonal architecture, layered architecture, screaming architecture, domain model, application services, infrastructure, ports & adapters, project structure.

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Domain-Driven Design Aggregate Design

Aggregates, consistency, domain invariants, entities, value objects, domain events, application services, transactions.

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Building Autonomous Services

Bounded contexts, commands, domain events, (de)serialization, (de)coupling, messaging, transactions

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About the training


My workshops are well-balanced: they contain equal portions of theory and practice. You can start implementing advanced concepts right-away and verify the correctness of their results with the trainer.

Classes are limited to 15 participants to give everybody an equal opportunity to learn.

Concepts in plain sight

When explaining a technical concept, it will not be buried beneath a pile of framework code or implementation details. The concepts are in plain sight, ready for you to grasp.

Sandbox projects contain back-to-basic PHP code, so when you've finished your training, you can then use any framework you like to let your code blossom.

Advanced topics

I offer lots of advanced workshop topics. We don't focus on the basics, we dive straight to the core of a concept.

There are a lot of different subjects we can cover, it's up to you to select which will be most useful for you or your team.

The Tactical DDD workshop by @matthiasnoback was beyond awesome! Had at least 4 a-ha moments! Really good! #phpbnl17

Robert Basic

So glad I attended @matthiasnoback's 2day workshop on advanced application development. Already looking forward to the next workshop.


@matthiasnoback again! Killing it with his Tactical DDD workshop. #symfonycat

Symfony Catalunya


In-house training

€ 2500,- /day

  • 1-4 days
  • Somewhere in Europe
  • Up to 15 participants

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Public training

€ 250,- pp./day

  • 1-4 days
  • Carefully selected program
  • At least 5 participants

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