New edition for the Rector Book

Posted on by Matthias Noback

The cover of the 2024 Edition of the Rector book

A couple of weeks ago, Tomas Votruba emailed me saying that he just realized that we hadn't published an update of the book we wrote together since December 2021. The book I'm talking about is "Rector - The Power of Automated Refactoring". Two years have passed since we published the current version. Of course, we're all very busy, but no time for excuses - this is a book about keeping projects up-to-date with almost no effort... We are meant to set an example here!

Dealing with technical debt during the sprint

Posted on by Matthias Noback

It's quite ironic that my most "popular" tweet has been posted while Twitter itself is in such a chaotic phase. It's also quite ironic that I try to provide helpful suggestions for doing a better job as a programmer, yet such a bitter tweet ends up to be so popular.

Twitter and Mastodon are micro-blogging platforms. The problem with micro-blogs, and with short interactions in general, is that everybody can proceed to project onto your words whatever they like. So at some point I often feel the need to explain myself with more words, in an "actual" blog like this one.

Refactoring without tests should be fine

Posted on by Matthias Noback

Refactoring without tests should be fine. Why is it not? When could it be safe?