Official book presentation: A Year With Symfony

Posted on by Matthias Noback

Cover of A Year With Symfony

After working on my book "A Year With Symfony" for four months, I published it yesterday at the Dutch Symfony Usergroup meetup in Amsterdam. It was really great to be able to do this real-time while everybody in the room was looking at the screen waiting for the build process to finish.

The book is hosted on Leanpub, which is a great platform for writing and publishing books. They provide the entire infrastructure. You get a good-looking landing page and they handle all things related to payment.

During the official presentation I briefly talked about most of the subjects that the book touches. These are the slides of this presentation:

Official book presentation of A Year With Symfony from matthiasnoback

You can read more about the book and buy it here:

Book PHP Symfony2 Talk A Year With Symfony Leanpub meetup release
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Machiel Molenaar

Great book! Great examples on how to improve your development. Not only in Symfony2 but in general. I've enjoyed reading it!

Matthias Noback

Thank you, Machiel!


An absolute must-have for every Symfony2 developer! It's an invaluable guide for everyone starting with Symfony2 and a perfect reference for more experienced Symfony2 developers.

You've done a great job Matthias! Looking forward for upcomming books.

Matthias Noback

Thanks, Mark!