Programming with Cmdr. Chris Hadfield

At age 9 a Canadian boy called Chris Hadfield witnessed the landing of Apollo 11’s lunar module on the moon. That night he decided he wanted to be an astronaut. Every time he had to make some decision in life, he picked the option that brought him closer to fulfilling that dream.

He actually became an astronaut and is now quite famous for his work as commander of the International Space Station (ISS).

Being an astronaut is a lot of work. It’s life-endangering, physically demanding and mentally exhausting. You need to make the right decisions under high pressure and live with people in cramped rooms. Compared to this, the life of a programmer seems easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Yet there’s a great number of things that we, developers, can learn from Chris’s perseverance, his optimism, his way of life and the rules and procedures he applies to prevent major incidents.