Hexagonal Architecture training

You have created one or more Symfony applications. You found out how to leverage the framework to rapidly develop some features. As the application (and your team) got bigger, you started looking for a way to prepare your application for a long and prosperous life. After reading about DDD, BDD, events, command buses, layered and hexagonal architecture, you are left wondering: how can I apply these cool ideas to my everyday Symfony projects?

During the Hexagonal Architecture training you'll learn to think in terms of boundaries and cores. You'll learn to apply hexagonal architecture and DDD principles and patterns to your code, which will become simpler and better testable. It'll be much easier to add another interface to your application, like a public API or a command-line interface. And you'll be able to decouple the core of your application from the data storage and any asynchronous aspect of your system, like a message queue.

  • From January until November 2015 in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Breda, Enschede (NL), Milan, Paris, Z├╝rich - hexagonal-architecture.eu