Coding Dojo

A coding dojo is all about a programming challenge called a code kata. Famous katas are the FizzBuzz kata, the Roman Numerals kata and the Bowling Game kata. To solve them, you need pair programming and TDD.

All attendees are expected to know just enough PHP to write a simple program. Everybody gets a turn to be the driver and take the keyboard, together with a navigator who can give some additional directions. Meanwhile everybody else can watch on a big screen how the program evolves.

The dojo starts with a short introduction about pair programming and TDD. Then the assignment is explained and the first round of programming starts. During the break we discuss how things are going and if we need to change our direction. After a second round the program should be more or less finished and we take some time for a proper retrospective.

  • 11/7/2016 Ibuildings Events, Utrecht (NL) website
  • 6/6/2016 Ibuildings Events, Utrecht (NL) website
  • 5/2/2016 Ibuildings Events, Utrecht (NL) website
  • 4/18/2016 Ibuildings Events, Vlissingen (NL) website
  • 4/4/2016 Ibuildings Events, Utrecht (NL) website
  • 3/1/2014 SweetlakePHP, Zoetermeer (NL) website
  • 3/5/2014 NOS (private)
  • 2/26/2014 IPPZ (private)
  • 1/29/2014 IPPZ (private)