Advanced Symfony Application Architecture

You have created one or more Symfony applications. You've learned how to use the framework to rapidly develop some features: you wrote some controllers, entities and templates. But as the application (and your team) got bigger, you started looking for a way to prepare your application for a long and prosper life. Still, after reading about DDD, BDD, events, command buses, layered and hexagonal architecture, you are still wondering:

How can I apply these cool ideas to my Symfony applications?

Well, this is exactly what this workshop is all about: learning to apply some of these very nice design principles, patterns and practices to your own code, making your applications more advanced, step by step. This will have numerous advantages: your code will become simpler, with clearly separated concerns, and it will be better testable. It will be much easier to add a public API to your application, to switch some of the tools you use, or to start using message queues and asynchronous processing.

This is a hands-on workshop so make sure to bring your laptop. You will take away lots of practical advice and suggestions from this workshop, which you can immediately apply to your own projects.

  • 11/13/2014 November Camp 2014, Stockholm