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Microservices for everyone is a catalog of the major design choices you have to make when you're setting up a system of microservices. Amongst many things, you'll learn about asynchronous integration, independent deployability, continuous delivery, and immediate versus eventual consistency.

If you keep this book within reach, you should be able to safely navigate the daunting, yet wonderful world of microservices. Besides the basics, this book contains many references to further reading material.

What people say about this book

"This book showed me what I needed to know to actually start playing with microservices. It had the right blend of why and how without too much focus on implementation details. Highly recommended!" - Beau Simensen

"A rich and concrete resource to accompany us in the DDD / Microservices adventure!" - S├ębastien Grans

"Read, Learn, Succeed! A comprehensive and really complete guide for creating microservices from scratch! Matthias can abstract the topic complexity in this book that is really, for everyone." - Christophe Willemsen

"As Microservices become more and more popular each day, it's important for professional developers to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts. As with his previous books, Matthias explains these concepts well, in a clear and concise manner. His examples are useful, and the reader is presented with a solid introduction to using Microservices. Highly recommended!" - Mark Badolato

"An excellent book which tackles the complexity of microservice architecture and provides thorough explanations of the concepts behind it. All in a concise, yet very approachable manner!" - Kamil Kokot