The Hexagonal Architecture training tour

Posted on by Matthias Noback

An ever recurring pattern in my life is this one:

  1. I stumble upon some interesting piece of code, an intriguing book chapter, a fascinating concept, etc.
  2. Slowly, over the next couple of weeks, my brain realises that, yes, this is some very interesting stuff.
  3. Then I want to become all productive about it - writing things on my blog, speaking about it in public, maybe even writing a book about it.

This time it was domain-driven design (DDD), command-query responsibility segregation (CQRS) and in particular its architectural and technical aspects. While playing with existing libraries I soon recognized the huge benefits of applying hexagonal architecture and some of the tactical DDD patterns to a (Symfony) codebase.

I wanted to spread the word about the things I had learned, because in particular hexagonal architecture is not generally used in PHP projects, including Symfony projects. So when Symfony Sweden asked me to prepare a workshop for their November Camp I decided to make it about these subjects that highly fascinated me at that moment.

The workshop day was a great success. We refactored some traditional Symfony-oriented code into code that better separates concerns, applies dependency inversion to the max and clearly separates the core of the application from the adapter code that makes its use cases available to the world outside.

Back home I decided that it would be really nice to try to achieve the following goals in 2015:

  • To spread the word about hexagonal architecture
  • To show people how to apply some DDD patterns without going "DDD all the way"
  • To meet people from PHP/Symfony communities all over Europe
  • To make my community work economically sustainable

These goals combined resulted in my plan for the... (tadaaaa)

Hexagonal Architecture training European tour 2015

Hexagonal Architecture training website

In 2015 I will do the Hexagonal Architecture training each month in another European city. The schedule is still growing, but the first three training days (in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Milan) have been planned and can already be booked.

To learn more about the Hexagonal Architecture training, please visit the website,

To stay informed about new training locations or other changes to the schedule, just sign up for the newsletter.

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I already asked you some months ago to put Berlin in your list. I think there are plenty startups here that use Symfony and I personally would be interested in joining your Hexagonal training.
Du bist verr├╝ckt, mein Kind, du musst nach Berlin! :)

Kevin Bond

I would like to see a North American tour :)

Matthias Noback

He he, maybe some day!

Luciano Mammino

Great idea and really interesting subject! Well done and best of luck with this new adventure ;)

Matthias Noback

Thanks for your encouragements, Luciano!