About MailComments

MailComments is a commenting system backed by actual email messages. When you want to comment on a post, click on the link below the post and compose the comment in your own email client. After you've sent it, after some time it will automatically show up below the post. It works the same way when you want to reply to a comment.


  • Please remove any footers from your email message before sending it (signatures, disclaimers, save the environment warnings, etc.).
  • You can send an HTML email and use standard formatting (bold, italics, underline), ordered and unordered lists, links, inline code and code blocks. Everything else will be stripped automatically.
  • If you prefer to write in Markdown you can do so, but in that case you have to send a plain text message only (no HTML part).


  • My comment doesn't show up on the website; what went wrong?

    Probably nothing went wrong. There is a built-in delay before comments get published: your message will be approved first.

  • Can I use MailComments on my own website?

    Not yet, but I'm planning to make it available to a broader audience. Let us know you're interested by sending an email to info@matthiasnoback.nl.

  • Which HTML tags and attributes are allowed exactly?

    To be precise: p, br, a[href|title], em, i, strong, b, u, pre, code, blockquote, ul, ol, li.

    If you write your email in plain text only you can use Markdown. Your email will be converted to HTML first for which the same rules as mentioned above will be applied.

  • I have a different question

    In that case, please send an email to info@matthiasnoback.nl.